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Welcome to the Ellwood and Chippewa Animal Hospitals! Our staff wants to know how we can help you and your pets? 

We promote wellness through education, reduced vaccine schedules, titer testing, improved nutrition and maintenance of joint health. Our clinics support area rescue groups, agility clubs, schools in 3 counties, civic organizations, children's clubs and animal shelters. 

Veterinarians include Dr. Cynthia Maro, CVA, CAC, VMRT, Dr. Annette Anléu, and Dr. Laura Waterbury. Dr. Maro has post-graduate training surgical, dental, emergency and alternative therapies, including prolotherapy, acupuncture, animal chiropractic, veterinary rehabilitative and massage therapies, nutrition, herbs, Bach Flowers, homeopathy and Veterinary NAET for allergies and immune disorders. We have recently introduced the Nano Herb Light which is a needle-less way to provide the benefits of acupuncture therapy. LTCI and neoplasene for cancer treatment are a few of our successful treatment protocols.

Dr. Anléu performs spinal manipulations (she has studied Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy), ultrasound tests, and echocardiograms in addition to conventional medicine, dentistry and surgery. Our staff veterinarians collaborate on cases to offer unique solutions to create improved quality of life..Sampson, UWTM session

Dr. Waterbury treats pet dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets and exotics. She has an interest in increasing pet wellness through preventive medicine, dentistry, dental radiography, and nutrition. Dr. Waterbury has taken post-graduate courses in dentistry and acupuncture.

Pets with cancer, heart, kidney or liver diseases are diagnosed and monitored through ultrasounds and blood tests in our facility, while receiving treatment with complementary and western medicine. This approach allows a more customized and timely way to treat pets.

Ellwood Animal Hospital is located just 4 miles from the PA turnpike (6mi from I376) in Ellwood City, PA. We offer state-of-the-art pet rehabilitative therapy in addition to a wide range of conventional & alternative veterinary services. We customize treatment plans, with owner input, to return pets to optimum health when recovering from surgery, injury, ACL tears, or obesity, among other ailments.

Our animal Rehabilitative Center was the first of its kind in the tri-state area in 2003. We offer underwater treadmill, stance analysis, Pulsed Wave, Class 3 and 4 laser therapies, therapeutic massage, animal chiropractic and acupuncture, in addition to nutritional support for tissue repair. Dr. Maro closely oversees a pet's rehabilitation process. If your pet has had surgery recommended, or already undergone a surgical procedure or is not getting around the way he should, call today to set up an initial consult with Dr. Maro.

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Upcoming: Budget Spay & Neuter Clinics

Location Day Date
Ellwood Animal Hospital Monday February 23, 2015
Chippewa Animal Hospital Tuesday February 10, 2015
Please call to Schedule Your Pet's Surgery

Low Cost Vaccine Clinic Dates*

Location Day Date
Ellwood Animal Hospital Tuesday February 17, 2015
Chippewa Animal Hospital Friday February 27, 2015
Please call to Schedule Your Pet's Appointment
*Vaccines are intended for healthy pets; the veterinarian reserves the right to refuse vaccines for pets which do not appear to be in good health on the date of the vaccine clinic.

Client Testimonial:

My husband and I have 3 Japanese Chins. Captain, Morgan and Bono are our boys. Captain is the oldest at 12.5 years. All 3 of the boys have benefitted from holistic care, animal chiropractic, NAET and acupuncture for a variety of health problems including disc disease, heart disease, and most recently, Captain was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and seizures. As a heart disease patient, he is not a good candidate for anesthesia and an MRI. He is also very drug sensitive..I appreciate that Dr. Maro treated him alternatives to drugs (which would sedate and reduce his quality of life). He is responding well to craniosacral therapy and Vita Herb Light treatments. He has been seizure free since September 2014.  

- Sharon Gregory, Wexford, Pa ... January 28, 2015

Look for upcoming Spring and Summer 2015 workshops for pet owners. If you have interest in these workshops, or ideas for pet care topics, please email us at ellwoodvet@msn.com.

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See a variety of articles on pet health written by Dr. Maro for the Ellwood City Ledger.

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